What Hair Brush To Use and When

girl brushing her hair, wooden brushes for hair growth, how to grow hair faster, how to promote hair growth

Hair Brush Guide 101: The Best Hair Brushes for Every Hair Type Achieving flawless hair is no easy feat. There are tons of hair hacks and products out there it’s hard to know what actually works, and what doesn’t. First thing’s first: without the basics covered, none of the tips will work the way they

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Guest Blog: Barnetta’s Curly Hair Routine Using Natural Products

After Years of Trying Products With Unsatisfying Results, Barnetta Turned to Natural Products to Revive Her Curls   Barnetta is a designer, and up and coming YouTuber. She is passionate about connecting with others through spreading joy and positivity. Her YouTube channel has allowed her to connect with thousands of like-minded people and explore her

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Guest Blog: How Rachel Transitioned to Natural Hair

After Years of Relaxers, Rachel Decided to Ditch Toxic Products for Good and Began Her Natural Hair Journey Rachel is an exercise enthusiast who’s also very passionate about diversity and inclusion, especially in legal education. She has fine type 3c hair that has endured over 15 years of chemical relaxing. Rachel wanted to do better

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Our 2018 Goals For Health, Lifestyle, And Personal Growth

Goal Setting for The New Year and How We Plan on Tracking Them Once the Holidays have settled down, the New Year is not only time for celebration but a time for personal change as well. While many people continue to set goals throughout the year, there’s no time like a new year to set

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Guest Blog: How Jessica Achieved Softer, More Manageable Hair With Natural Products

Jessica Struggled to Find a Product She Loved (or That Really Worked) Until She Made The Switch to Natural Jessica is an artist who works in an office by day and paints by night. She is also a mom who is very passionate about healthy living and fitness. Jessica never thought twice about her hair

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Last Minute Gift Ideas: 5 Bath & Beauty DIYs

Easy and Natural DIY Beauty Products You Can Make This Holiday Season Christmas time is in the air and we’re feeling festive over here at The Innate Life. You know our products are 100% natural, plant-based and non-toxic, so when we get the chance to make new natural goodies we’re all over it! We gathered

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Guest Blog: How Marielle’s Switch To Non-Toxic Products Improved Her Health

After Dealing With Chronic Illness For Years, Marielle Made The Switch To Natural Products To Improve Her Health.

Update Blog: The Future of The Innate Life Box

Our Crowdfunding Milestones, When You Can Expect New Products, And Our Goals For The Innate Life Box It’s been a few weeks since we launched The Innate Life Box and the response has been wonderful. Running a crowdfunding campaign is certainly time-consuming and the work doesn’t stop the day of the launch, but we want

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Guest Blog: Sally Made The Switch To Natural Products And Experienced Results She Never Had Before

When Even Salon Products Couldn’t Do The Trick, Sally’s Switch to Natural Finally Tamed Her Hair Sally is an aspiring clinical health psychologist with a strong interest in anything health-related. She is training to be a barre-yoga instructor, a runner, a self-help enthusiast, and has goals of starting a natural food and beauty blog. After

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