Guest Blog: How Camelia Grew Her Hair Fast Using Natural Products

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After her Hair Health Started to Deteriorate This YouTube Influencer Made the Switch to All-Natural and Began a YouTube Channel to Help Others

downloadCamelia is a 19-year-old hair and lifestyle blogger on Herindependence. She is also has a YouTube channel dedicated to hair growth and natural hair care.

Camelia began her natural hair journey after years of neglect. She didn’t have a structured hair routine – frequently straightening her hair and using various products with harmful ingredients. She was concerned for the heath of her hair when it became drastically thin and dry. It was then that Camelia decided to make the switch to natural in hopes to restore her hair’s vitality.

“I thought I had lost my hair’s health forever until I switched over to a healthy lifestyle and quit the heat and started using natural and organic products on my hair.”

What Camelia didn’t expect was the number of compliments and questions she received about her hair once she went all-natural. This sudden interest in her hair ignited the idea to start an online community, where people could turn to for answers about hair growth and health. Her latest video ‘MY HAIRCARE ROUTINE For Long & Healthy Hair! (How To Grow Hair Fast)’ provides an inside look to how she maintains her long and healthy hair using The Innate Life Complete Hair Care Bundle.

“I figured it made sense to create a blog and YouTube channel to answer all these questions, and to help people regain their hair’s health and growth!”

Camelia discovered The Innate Life products from one of her favorite YouTube channels – hollistichabits. She immediately noticed how different the company was from other haircare brands.

“They (The Innate Life) doesn’t test on animals. They also only use organic, natural, and pure ingredients. Instead of damaging your hair like other hair companies do, their products make sure to sustain the health of your hair while also helping to heal and grow your hair.”

download (1)Camelia went from having frizzy, dry, and thin hair to hair anyone would be envious of. Aside from the great things she has to say about her hair now, the proof is truly on her YouTube channel! Watching her videos it’s apparent to anyone this girl takes good care of her hair.

Camelia’s favourite product is the Rose Hair Elixirbecause of its many benefits. She describes it as ‘multi-purpose’ as she uses it as both a pre-conditioner and serum for frizz-free locks.

As for recommendations, this YouTube influencer raves about The Innate Life products to anyone and everyone! She believes the products are not only great for reviving damaged hair, but maintaining the hair’s health as well. She specifically loves the Scalp Treatment for hair growth.


“The scalp treatment is great for anyone who wants to grow their hair faster because the natural ingredients in the treatment promote hair growth & hydration all at the same time.”


One visit to Camelia’s YouTube channel Camelia Katoozian and it’s clear she’s very passionate about the health and well-being of her hair. It’s great to see the passing of knowledge onto her subscribers in hopes they may make the switch to natural! Thank you Camelia for sharing your story. We’ll be supporting you on your natural hair journey every step of the way!

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