My Healthy Hair Journey: Part 3

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How-to Completely Change Your Haircare Routine With Less

My healthy hair journey (read the first post here) has been like any health-conscious life change; I’ve given up things I thought I could never live without and I’ve ditched some bad habits in exchange for more healthy and natural routines. Yes, we’re still talking about my hair and not some fad diet. I’ve come to realize health isn’t just about food and exercise, but every choice you make you make for yourself – including your selection of haircare and beauty products. Since giving up toxic hair products, dyes, and taking a serious break from heat I’ve really learned how the ‘less is more’ mantra applies to my life.

The Herbal Hair Mask & The Rose Hair Elixir – 2 of My Healthy Hair Staples 

On Giving Up

As I mentioned in my very first healthy hair blog post; I have been committed to rid my
shelves of toxic hair products and restore my hair health. I’m talking about the products we all know and love, the ones our mothers and grandmothers use, the ones that resemble an ingredient list of a by-product in a science experiment gone wrong. Scary stuff. It wasn’t too painful to give up these products and their empty promises, but the real challenge presented itself as I found myself perusing a Sephora. The temptation of flashy labels on both makeup and haircaire products alike was certainly there, but I didn’t stray from my original mission of checking out the toxin-free lipsticks by Bite Beauty. There will always be temptation, but as I’ve become more comfortable in my routine and more certain of its amazing results the less desire I have to stray.

On New Habits

Starting this journey I’ve come to realize I have a lot of bad habits when it comes to my hair. I brushed my hair aggressively in fighting tangles, I scrubbed my hair with a towel to help it dry faster, and I slept with a tight ponytail in every…single…night (just to name a few). I now treat my hair with much more TLC and there’s no denying my locks are thankful. I purchased a wide-tooth comb and wooden brush to work gently through the unruly morning mess, I pat my hair dry when wet, and I let my hair loose as I sleep through night.

How Less is More

My routine got a serious overhaul when I started using The Innate Life Complete Haircare Bundle along with the shampoo and conditioner (to be launched soon!), but instead of my routine becoming more complicated it actually became easier. We’ve all read a number of tips and tricks when it comes to growing you hair and between the DIY egg masks, scalp massages, and oiling methods it seems like quite the commitment. My case has been quite the opposite; I oil my scalp overnight 2x a week using the Scalp Treatment, shampoo and conditioner 2-3x a week, do a hair mask overnight once a week using the Herbal Hair Mask, and tame my frizzy mane on the daily with 1-2 drops of the Rose Hair Elixir (keep in mind I mix the conditioner when washing the Herbal Hair Mask out). It’s that simple! I don’t need any additional deep treatment masks or shine serums because these products work in combination to give you all of that jazz.

February 2017-2
My Hair Growth in 3 Months Time

I’ve come along way my friends, but this isn’t some hair growth experiment or product detox that will last until the next Moroccan oil comes out – this is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle of less is more and caring about what I put in and on my body. As a girl I thought I’d miss the glamourized ‘Sephora haul’, but honestly it feels great to scale back.

What have you had to give up when adopting a more ‘natural’ haircare routine?

Let us know in the comments.

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