Guest Blog: How Ania Grew Her Hair Thicker And Longer Using Natural Products


Ania’s Hair Had Suffered From Colour And Heat Damage Until She Incorporated Natural Products Into Her Routine


Ania is a professional woman living in the heart of Toronto. Before moving to Toronto she lived in Australia. She is passionate about health and nutrition, constantly learning more about these subjects to improve her health. Ania never specifically cared for her hair, until she decided to grow it out naturally.

Due to the poor health of Ania’s hair, she had extreme difficulty growing it out. Years living in Austrialian heat had fried her hair and it actually began to break off. Debating whether to get hair extensions or not, Ania chose the latter to save her hair from more damage and breakage, and began looking for natural solutions to promote growth.

“While doing some research on youtube, I found HolisticHabits, a holistic beauty blogger. She used the Innate Life Rose Elixir in her routine and I was intrigued because I was looking for a serum-type product that was natural. I decided to give it a shot and order the holiday sample package on Innate Life’s website.”

After putting The Innate Life products to use Ania’s hair became stronger and thicker, and people began to comment on its health. Having hair quite fine in texture, which had been coloured and compromised by the sun, Ania was ecstatic the products did what they promised.

I like The Innate Life because the products actually work. It’s very hard to find beauty products that do what they actually say they are going to do.

Ania claims it’s hard to choose her favourite product, but if she could only have one, she would choose The Rose Hair Elixir.

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Ania Applying The Rose Hair Elixir

I keep a sample bottle in my purse so that I can put it on my ends throughout the day if they get dry. The oil keeps my ends lubricated and prevents breakage.

She would recommend The Innate Life products to anyone that wants to improve the health – along with the length and thickness – of their hair.

Ania strongly believes these products fit into a lifestyle of health and well-being, and she uses them as a method of self-love. They are a part of her de-stressing routine and she often uses The Scalp Treatment in the bath, as the cooling sensation helps her to relax and distress.

Thank you Ania for your story. We are so glad The Innate Life products were able to help you restore your hair’s health, and assist in your relaxation routine.

If anyone reading has used The Innate Life products and has a story to tell about how they have helped you, please feel free to email me at and I can send forward our guest blog requirements. Looking forward to you hearing from you!

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    1. Ania has responded and she says: ‘After I wash and dry my hair, I put a small amount of the elixir on my ends. I keep a smaller bottle of the elixir in my makeup bag and apply more to my ends throughout the day if I feel them getting dry. Before I go to bed, I also apply a bit to the ends and then tie my hair up for sleep. Basically, you apply the elixir to your ends whenever you feel them getting dry and I like to follow the above mentioned ‘schedule’ for doing so.’

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