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Follow Our Journey As We Launch A New Campaign (And Products!) In Our First Ever Vlog


We are so grateful for all of those who support us and what we do. Ever since the first products, up until the recent launch of the Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner, the response we’ve received has been great. There is nothing that motivates us more than your positive reviews and feedback. It’s fabulous to see your standards are just as high as ours when it comes to clean beauty, and that you consider The Innate Life to be a brand you can trust. We want do more for you and that’s why we’re expanding our line with an exciting new campaign…

We understand transitioning into an all-natural, non-toxic routine isn’t easy. This is why we are choosing to expand the Innate Life line to cover more personal care products; the ones we consider daily essentials. We’ve lured you here to announce the new addition to our line: The Innate Life Box.


We are launching 6 new products including skincare and we’ve decided to do this on a crowd-funding platform. This way, we can offer you guys awesome discounts while raising funds for better equipment, a larger production facility, and to grow a team that’s just as passionate about clean beauty as we are.

We’d like to share our journey with you as we prepare for the launch of this new campaign, starting with this behind the scenes vlog of the campaign video we shot last week. The campaign video will be featured on our crowd-funding page as a way for viewers to get to know the company a little bit better and also see what’s next for The Innate Life.

Shooting the campaign video was not an easy task as you’ll be able to tell from our VLOG! Before the day of the shoot we were prepping for weeks: location scouting, perfecting the script, and meeting with our videographer to go over every detail. We had no idea all the preparation it would take and the day of the shoot was no easier!

Wake up call was 5:30 AM for hair and makeup, and to load the car. I shortly realized after that hair and makeup should be done after hauling heavy equipment and props, especially when the elevator only goes to the second floor and your studio is on the third…Thank goodness I brought an extra shirt, which I also coincidentally spilt smoothie on, so it was a real life-saver. It took us about an hour and a half just to set-up.


Once everything was in place it was time to shoot our interviews, which was TERRIFYING. I personally found it so challenging to deliver the lines with conviction when my mind was so focused on articulating the script word for word. While I’m still not sure if I pronounced the world Calendula correctly, I think the interview portion went well. Now it was time for lunch!

After eating we jumped right into filming, and this time we wanted to capture our formulation process as well as our current and new products. We filmed how we make our products – like the Rose Hair Elixir along with some very cool close-ups of mixing oils and herbs. This video is a great insight into just how many different herbs and oils we use in our products. You can probably spot about 30 in the video!


We wrapped at around 6 PM, which made this a 12-hour day, and it definitely showed on all of our faces. Our set-up takedown was a lot less energetic than our morning haul. Just when we thought we were in the clear, on our way home, a container opened and oil split everywhere in the trunk. It took some rearranging and some clean up but we managed to get home without any other obstacles.

Our campaign video is currently being edited and should be ready for viewing in a few weeks along with our campaign. Our campaign will come with A LOT of perks for our current customers so make sure you follow us on Instagram @theinnatelife and subscribe to the newsletter to keep updated. We’ll be offering you guys a huge discount on new products for a limited time so you’ll want to keep an eye out for that!



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