Guest Blog: Sally Made The Switch To Natural Products And Experienced Results She Never Had Before

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When Even Salon Products Couldn’t Do The Trick, Sally’s Switch to Natural Finally Tamed Her Hair


Sally is an aspiring clinical health psychologist with a strong interest in anything health-related. She is training to be a barre-yoga instructor, a runner, a self-help enthusiast, and has goals of starting a natural food and beauty blog. After using drug store products for years, Sally decided she didn’t want to “fix” her hair but feed and nurture it, and this is when she began the hunt for natural products.

Sally describes her hair as a combination of wavy and curly with frizzy tendencies. She was never excessive with her products but tried a number of drugstore and salon-level products that always fell short of their claims. This year she decided to swap out her conventional products for more natural ones containing essential oils.

“I wanted to change up my entire shower routine when a friend sent me a video of HolisticHabits of just that! I liked her style. She recommended the brand. I checked out the products and read the ingredients. I was in.”

The major changes Sally experienced when switching to The Innate Life products were less frizz and more shine. The products have helped her embrace her natural hair texture while controlling the frizz she struggled with before. Her favourite product is the Rose Hair Elixir because it has done what other products haven’t: enhanced waves and curls while taming frizz.

“I’ve spent lots of time and money looking for something that would produce this type of result”

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Sally’s Hair Before And After Using The Innate Life Products

Sally loves that The Innate Life is a minimalist brand and that she can use one product for a number of purposes. She also loves that the products are formulated with natural ingredients, and contribute to a life of health and wellness.

“Instead of using harsh and toxic formulas that harm the body, Innate Life has developed products with natural ingredients sourced directly from nature that nurture the body and help it to grow, starting with the roots.”

Sally would recommend these products to anyone that wants to repair their hair and do it naturally. She hopes to spread the word of The Innate Life once she begins her blog dedicated to natural health and beauty.

Thank you Sally for sharing your story and we’re so happy to hear of another successful switch to natural products. We wish you well pursuing your career in clinical psychology and starting-up your blog!


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