Guest Blog: After Trying Everything, Lauren Cured Her Scalp Condition With Natural Products


Lauren Spent Years Trying To Get Her Seborrheic Dermatitis and Dandruff Under Control But It Wasn’t Until She Tried The Innate Life That Things Started To Clear Up


Lauren1Lauren is the co-founder of KindredSoulco, an online woman’s ministry that points women to God and his word. Born with a heart defect, Lauren has become more aware of her body and what’s safe to use. This sparked an interest in natural products and she began to make the transition to better her health.

Lauren describes her hair as very thin and prone to tangling. Before beginning her natural journey, she suffered with seborrheic dermatitis that covered her scalp and the back of her neck.


It was so bad that I did not like to wear my hair up or to the side. Many times dandruff would get all over my shirt. It was gross and embarrassing.”

At one point, her condition got so bad she even began losing hair. She tried dermatologist prescribed products and dandruff shampoos but nothing worked. As a last resort, Lauren cut her hair 14 inches in hopes it would give her some relief. Through research, she began to discover how toxic certain treatments for seborrheic dermatitis could be – along with many other personal care products – and she decided she need to change her routine.

Lauren had already switched her skincare routine to natural and seen results, so she wanted to do the same with haircare. She discovered The Innate Life Dry/Dandruff Scalp Treatment in one of holistichabits’ videos and decided to try it. She purchased the Complete Haircare Bundle because all the products sounded appealing to her, and she claims it was the best decision ever.

Lauren Can Now Enjoy Wearing Her Hair Long Without The Worry of Dandruff 

After only 2 uses of the Scalp Treatment Lauren’s seborrheic dermatitis on the back of her neck was GONE! It also cleared up her scalp a lot and reduced the thick build-up she use to get.

“I had spent years trying to get this under control and all it took was TWO treatments of The Innate Life Dandruff/Dry scalp treatment. This stuff seriously works!”

Lauren is overjoyed she can now enjoy her long hair without the fear of dandruff appearing on her clothes. As for the Rose Hair Elixir and Herbal Hair Mask, these products have helped her thin and tangle-prone hair look and feel a lot smoother and healthier.

Lauren’s favorite product is the Dry Scalp Treatment and would recommend it to anyone suffering with dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis. She also recently bought our Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner and cannot wait to try them.

Thank you so much Lauren for your bravery in sharing your story. We are so happy The Innate Life has not only helped with your hair but your health as well. We hope you enjoy the Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner as much as the other products!


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