Healthy Hair Journey: Part 6


My Hair Growth Progress And My Favourite Easy Hairstyles

Before I began my healthy hair journey I didn’t think much of haircare. I used what was on sale, what promised shine, and what never gave me the results I desired. Easing up on the heat and giving my hair the nutrients it needed finally allowed it to thrive in its natural texture…and grow. 6 months later, I’m still an all-natural minimalist when to comes to haircare and the only thing that’s changed, is my growth.


My routine has stayed consistent: Rose Hair Elixir 1x a day on dry hair, the Herbal Hair Mask 1x a week before bed (wash out in morning) Scalp Treatment 1x before bed (wash out in morning) and the Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner every wash day (3-4x a week). With this routine, I don’t need any additional products because it covers all grounds: shine, damage repair, heat protection, hydration, and growth. In 6 months my hair has grown almost 5 whole inches!


Last healthy hair journey I created a video that walked you through my haircare routine. This time, I created another video with some of my go-to hairstyles. Watch the video below.

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  1. You’re a babe. Thanks for the inspiration. Love innate life products. You ladies picked the best time for all natural hair care. We need it now more than ever. Time to grow our own food and medicine. Love your innate!

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