Healthy Hair Journey: Part 6

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My Hair Growth Progress And My Favourite Easy Hairstyles

Before I began my healthy hair journey I didn’t think much of haircare. I used what was on sale, what promised shine, and what never gave me the results I desired. Easing up on the heat and giving my hair the nutrients it needed finally allowed it to thrive in its natural texture…and grow. 6 months later, I’m still an all-natural minimalist when to comes to haircare and the only thing that’s changed, is my growth.


My routine has stayed consistent: Rose Hair Elixir 1x a day on dry hair, the Herbal Hair Mask 1x a week before bed (wash out in morning) Scalp Treatment 1x before bed (wash out in morning) and the Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner every wash day (3-4x a week). With this routine, I don’t need any additional products because it covers all grounds: shine, damage repair, heat protection, hydration, and growth. In 6 months my hair has grown almost 5 whole inches!


Last healthy hair journey I created a video that walked you through my haircare routine. This time, I created another video with some of my go-to hairstyles. Watch the video below.

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See you next month!

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