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Our Crowdfunding Milestones, When You Can Expect New Products, And Our Goals For The Innate Life Box

It’s been a few weeks since we launched The Innate Life Box and the response has been wonderful. Running a crowdfunding campaign is certainly time-consuming and the work doesn’t stop the day of the launch, but we want to provide our supporters with updates and be transparent about what the future holds. It’s great to see what an interest there is in natural beauty and we want to make sure we’re doing our part in providing you with affordable and top quality products.

First thing’s first, we want to say a HUGE thank you to all of those who purchased The Innate Life Box within the first few hours of launching our campaign. We hit 50% of our funding goal in under 4 hours and we know the majority of this came from those who are loyal customers of The Innate Life. A week later and we hit the 100% funded mark! This is huge step in expanding the brand and making clean beauty accessible and affordable for everyone.

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We reached our funding goal in 1 week, thanks to all our amazing supporters!

For those who have yet to purchase the box, we want to make it clear: the box will not be available for purchase after the campaign ends on October 20th, 2017. This means you have 15 days left to purchase The Innate Life Box on our Indiegogo page. We specifically designed this box as a way bundle these personal care products, so we could offer them at a discounted price. It’s a great way to make the switch to natural and embrace an everyday routine that will having you feeling good inside and out!

Our goal is to add more products to our line and re-introduce The Innate Life Box as a highly customizable subscription box by mid next year. This means you’ll be able to customize a box to fit your needs from our range of 10-15 high-quality personal care products. The box will strive to make premium natural products extremely affordable and accessible. 

The Innate Life Box includes 6 natural and non-toxic personal care products

The Innate Life Box on our Indiegogo campaign is an introductory way of getting familiar with these new products and determining your favourites. Individual products from the box will be for sale early next year. The individual price tag will be higher since these products will no longer be a part of a package deal. This is what makes The Innate Life Box such a great deal! You get 6 all natural, non-toxic personal care products for just $60 USD.

After our Indiegogo campaign ends, The Innate Life Box will no longer be available for purchase. Individual products will be sold early next year with their actual price tag as the package deal will no longer apply.

We’re gearing up for production and The Innate Life Boxes are expected to ship soon! Please review the timeline below for more important dates.

Crowdfunding Timeline (1)
Timeline for The Innate Life Box production and distribution

Whether you’re new to the clean beauty community or a long-time supporter, the The Innate Life Box is a great way to amp up your routine. It truly is the best of both worlds: prioritizing both your health and beauty.

For more info about our campaign, visit our campaign here. If you have any questions about The Innate Life Box, please leave them in the comments section below and we’ll make sure to answer them soon.


5 comments on “Update Blog: The Future of The Innate Life Box”

  1. Please… formulate a leave-in spray/conditioner that does not make your hair neither greasy nor dry. (It could be my imagination) but I have a natural leave-in that gives me flaky scalp but like thin hair after a few hours as well. This product is a need.

    1. Hi Muriel! Have you tried our Herbal Hair Mask as a leave-in? It’s great for deep conditioning dry hair and you can leave it in for a few hours or overnight. View this product here.

      1. Yes I have. I bought the 3 item bundle and love all of them! I use 1-3 from the elixir after washing my hair because I don’t blow dry it. But whenever I want to blow dry I only like normal leave-in spray, I somewhat like the natural one that I have but still there’s those descriptions from above that I don’t like……It’s like it leaves hair greasy/thin and at the same time flaky coming from scalp when I blow dry. I hope that future new products that you guys might launch will also be a leave-in spray/conditioner!

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