Guest Blog: How Elizabeth Revived Her Thinning Hair With Natural Products


After Losing Hair, Elizabeth Made The Switch To Natural And Was Able To Experience New Growth And An Increase In Thickness

How to grow hair fast using natural products

Elizabeth works in education and loves to learn. Naturally curious about science and the way things work, she was consistent with reading cosmetic and product labels. When Elizabeth began to experience hair thinning and sensitivities to conventional products she wondered if those unpronounceable mystery ingredients were harming her.

Elizabeth has curly hair that craves moisture and grows extremely slowly. Growing up, she received many comments about her hair being super thick, but those comments seemed to stop as she got older. Elizabeth began to notice more hair fall in the shower than she ever had before. 

My hair started thinning. I was shedding so much hair my shower drain was constantly getting clogged, and I was getting scared.”

When she asked her hairdresser for advice, she recommended chemical laden foams that smelled awful and vitamins that came with a list of side effects. Elizabeth followed the instructions carefully, but failed to see any improvement.

ElizabethStraight- April and July

This issue, accompanied by a face rash, is what sparked her interest in clean beauty. Elizabeth discovered many of the products she was using are formulated with silicone, which were just coating and protecting the surface without nourishing what’s underneath.

When I used typical drug store products my hair looked awful unless I straightened it…. Even though my hair is naturally dense, the strands themselves are very fine and so easy to split and break. I was in this cycle of trying desperately to grow my hair and then having to cut it all off due to damage.”

After getting a bad haircut, Elizabeth decided to try The Innate Life and trust what so many bloggers were saying about the company. She ordered the Complete Haircare Bundle in hopes at least one product would be worth it.

ElizabethCurly- April and July.JPG

Elizabeth was ecstatic when all 3 products produced amazing results! She was able grow her hair and increase thickness drastically in just 3 month’s time. She was blown away that organic and natural products could preform so well. While using the products Elizabeth also discovered she had a wheat allergy.

“The fact that this product could produce such substantial results while my body was still busy fighting this serious allergy issue is even more amazing to me. “

ElizabethScalp- April and July

Elizabeth’s favourite product is The Scalp Treatment because it helped her regrow her hair and achieve the thickness she once had. She recommends The Scalp Treatment and all other products to anyone with thinning or slow-growing hair who wants to stay away from chemicals, but want to see results.

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your story! We’re so glad you were able to reclaim your hair health using The Innate Life products. We can’t wait to see your results in another 3 months!

5 comments on “Guest Blog: How Elizabeth Revived Her Thinning Hair With Natural Products”

  1. Great results Elizabeth! Would love to hear more about how you specifically used the scalp treatment. Did you apply it once a day or once a week to that area? Did you Massage the area? Thanks!

    1. Hey, sorry for the delayed response on this comment – I’ve emailed Elizabeth regarding her answer and I’m just waiting for her to get back to me!

      If it’s any help, I use the Scalp Treatment once-a-week and usually massage it in for a minute or more 🙂

    2. Just once a week. 🙂 I would massage it in for about three minutes on Friday night and wash it out Saturday morning. A really small amount of product produces the nice tingle so it lasts forever, and I’m really sensitive to smells but this smells good and not too strongly so I could keep it in over night.

    1. You’re very welcome! We are glad you enjoyed it. We post guest blogs similar to this once or twice a month 🙂 You can sign up for our newsletter at to be notified each time one is posted!

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