Guest Blog: How Marielle’s Switch To Non-Toxic Products Improved Her Health

After Dealing With Chronic Illness For Years, Marielle Made The Switch To Natural Products To Improve Her Health.

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After Dealing With Chronic Illness For Years, Marielle Made The Switch To Natural Products To Improve Her Health

Marielle’s Hair Before Discovering Natural Products


Marielle is a wife, a mother, and a green beauty enthusiast. Her transition into non-toxic and clean beauty products began after dealing with chronic illness for many years. She longed for a better quality of life both physically and mentally, and this is what led her to natural products.

The first step in regaining her health was to prioritize self-care and to stop exposure to unnecessary chemicals. Realizing the skin is the largest organ of the body and very susceptible to toxins, she purged all toxic products and switched over to green beauty.

Eventually Marielle decided it was time to switch up her hair care routine. Marielle’s hair texture is thick, coarse, and slightly wavy with a lot of frizz. Despite trying a number of products, Marielle was always left disappointed.

“I was constantly trying out different hair care sets from various brands…I was told it was best to keep the scalp guessing, however, my main problems of dry, flaking scalp and hair loss persisted.”

Marielle’s hair was often limp, tangled, and lackluster. It was difficult to find products that met her new standards of clean beauty and performed as promised. She knew her hair wasn’t getting the nourishment it needed and she continued her search.

Marielle Uses The Innate Life Haircare Bundle As Part Of Her All Natural Routine

Marielle found The Innate Life on HolisticHabits’ YouTube channel and she was drawn to the brand immediately.

“I was drawn to The Innate Life because their products are budget friendly, pure in formulation, and consist of organic, high quality ingredients.”

After adopting this clean hair care routine, Marielle’s hair is silky and manageable. She was also able to soothe her dry, itchy scalp by using the Scalp Treatment for Problematic/Dry Scalp.

“My hair is silky, wonderfully fragrant, and more manageable. The treatments, especially the Dandruff one, are wonderfully soothing for itchy scalp. Also, I’ve found that my need to use conditioner has decreased.”

Her favourite product is The Rose Hair Elixir because of all its beautifying oils and how multipurpose it is. Marielle uses The Rose Hair Elixir daily to tame frizz and achieve a healthy sheen. As a treatment, she will massage several drops all over her scalp prior to shampooing. She even uses it as a perfume, placing a drop on her pulse points.

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Marielle’s Hair Before And After Using The Innate Life

Thank you Marielle for sharing your story and we’re so glad The Innate Life helped you adopt a non-toxic routine. If you’d like to discover more guest blogs, please visit our Guest Blog page.


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