Guest Blog: How Jessica Achieved Softer, More Manageable Hair With Natural Products

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Jessica Struggled to Find a Product She Loved (or That Really Worked) Until She Made The Switch to Natural

Jessica is an artist who works in an office by day and paints by night. She is also a mom who is very passionate about healthy living and fitness. Jessica never thought twice about her hair care routine and used generic products a lot of her friends used. Having an interest in essential oils and natural remedies Jessica was ecstatic when a co-worker showed her The Innate Life Rose Hair Elixir, and she purchased a bottle immediately.

Jessica’s hair is very thick, coarse, and heavy. She never liked her hair growing up and always struggled with having a dry scalp. Her hair care routine became nothing more than just a routine and she had yet to find a product she really loved.

“I’ve had a dry, itchy scalp and dandruff for as long as I can remember. No product I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a LOT) has ever helped with this problem.”

girl with long hair used natural hair products to achieve healthy hair

One night at the paint bar where she works Jessica was discussing her love of essential oils and natural remedies with a co-worker when she pulled out her bottle of Rose Hair Elixir. When trying the oil in her hair Jessica was blown away by the scent (and would later use it as a perfume!). She couldn’t believe this was a product with no chemicals. Jessica purchased a bottle for herself immediately and began using the product daily. It made her hair feel soft, which she never experienced before, and there was absolutely no product buildup.

Jessica went on to try the The Innate Life Shampoo and Conditioner and The Scalp Treatment. She loved all the products but the Scalp Treatment remains her favourite, because it was finally able to clear up her dandruff.

“I have never ever found anything that has relieved my itchy scalp and dandruff. I’ve tried natural products, head and shoulders, oil treatments, olive oil and coconut oil, etc. I received the scalp treatment and began applying…After the first treatment I noticed relief, and after the second I had no dandruff for the first time in YEARS!”

girl with long hair and family how to get healthy hair using natural hair products

Jessica’s awareness about chemicals in beauty products has increased over the last few years and she’s grateful to have found products that are natural – and actually work! She would recommend these products to everyone and often raves about them to her friends. She even carries a Rose Hair Elixir in her purse!

Thank you Jessica for sharing your story. It’s great to hear how natural products have helped you achieve healthier hair and provided relief for your scalp. We hope you continue to discover more natural brands to incorporate into your beauty routine, and soon you’ll be living totally toxin-free!


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