Our 2018 Goals For Health, Lifestyle, And Personal Growth


Goal Setting for The New Year and How We Plan on Tracking Them

Once the Holidays have settled down, the New Year is not only time for celebration but a time for personal change as well. While many people continue to set goals throughout the year, there’s no time like a new year to set the bar high. At The Innate Life we’re the type of people who go big when setting our goals, and 2018 is no exception. Our founder Bhavna and I discovered a foolproof way to stick to our goals this year – and that’s to share our progress with you!

how to plan health, lifestyle, personal growth goals for the new year

We’ve each chosen 3 goals that are easy to measure (but not so easy to accomplish) and we’re going to track our progress every step of the way. Our main form of monitoring our goals will be through Instagram posts and Instagram Stories, so it’s really important you follow us @theinnatelife if you want to follow along. Knowing we have a bit of an audience will definitely help keep us accountable and we’d love your support!

When picking our goals we wanted to cover a few topics, so we chose goals dedicated to health, personal growth, and some big lifestyle changes. You can find our top 3 goals – which we’ll be tracking on Instagram – listed below.


  1. Wake up at 5:30 AM 5x a week
  2. Work out 5x a week
  3. Take baby steps towards zero waste

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Bhavna’s goals are super ambitious, especially that 5:30 AM wake up call! Getting up early is something a lot of us struggle with, so if she can pull it off, I’d love to hear some advice. Going to the gym more frequently is a great goal for personal health and trying to life a more eco-friendly lifestyle is beneficial for everyone! If you’d like to learn more about what Bhavna has in store for 2018, feel free to watch her YouTube video below.


  1. Give up all processed sugar for 30 days
  2. Dedicate 1 hour a day to personal tasks
  3. Read 1 book a month

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I’ve been flip-flopping with my diet ever since I discovered nachos were not a major food group. I’ve tried a number of diet changes, but I’ve never consciously given up sugar completely. I’m not talking about sugar in fruit; I’m talking about the sugar lurking in your almond milk and pasta sauces. I’m going to give this stuff up for 30 days in hopes of becoming more aware of what’s in my food and kicking cravings for good (especially after holiday indulgences). I also want to work on my personal growth by setting aside more time for myself everyday and reading self-help books (because they are my favourite). If you want to hear more about my goals and how I plan to achieve them, just click play below!

These goals we’ve laid out for ourselves begin today and I’ve never been more ready to make some big changes. I think I speak for both of us when I say we’ve never made our personal goals so PUBLIC, but we’re ready to commit and hope you can hold us to it. Make sure you follow @theinnatelife for daily updates and a whole a lot of #thestruggleisreal.


We also want to know – what are your goals this year? Leave a comment below.


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  1. Nice! You guys are doing great . This is inspirational
    You don’t stop when you are tired. You stop only when you are done! Congratulations!

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