Guest Blog: How Rachel Transitioned to Natural Hair

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After Years of Relaxers, Rachel Decided to Ditch Toxic Products for Good and Began Her Natural Hair Journey

Rachel is an exercise enthusiast who’s also very passionate about diversity and inclusion, especially in legal education. She has fine type 3c hair that has endured over 15 years of chemical relaxing. Rachel wanted to do better for her hair, so when she stopped relaxing her hair, she also became more conscious of what toxins were lurking in her haircare products and decided to make the switch to natural.

“Whenever I opened magazines or turned on the TV, there were so many pictures of beautiful black women with straight hair. I did not see women with my hair texture being featured in the media.”

how to transition to natural hair after relaxing your hair for years

Surrounded by images of straight hair, Rachel had been using relaxers since she was a teenager. She believed it made her hair more manageable, not knowing how healthy and hassle-free her natural hair could be. A visit to the salon changed her perspective on natural hair, as she saw so many women come and in with naturally shiny and vibrant hair. Rachel became curious to see what her natural texture looked like and ditched the harmful hair relaxers for good.

Rachel was always mindful of exercise and nutrition, but her beauty and haircare products fell under the radar. She began switching out current skincare, hair and body products to ones that were silicone, sulfate, paraben, and synthetic fragrance free. She dove into her natural hair transition head on, seeking out all different types of resources that would help her on her journey.

“I went from struggling to detangle my hair to now being able to finger-detangle easily. I buried my head in materials, websites, YouTube videos about natural hair and transitioning.”

She transitioned for 2 years by doing braid-outs with perm rods on the ends, to keep her curls uniform. Rachel was so accustom to going to the salon, she even had to get use to washing her hair herself. She followed HiF3licia’s Instagram feed, which encourages embracing your natural hair, and discovered The Innate Life products. Rachel trusted Felicia’s recommendations, so she decided to give the products a shot!

Rachel before and after, how to transition to natural hair using natural products

Rachel ordered the Long Hair Bundle and began using The Scalp Treatment and Herbal Hair Mask Weekly. She leaves both products in overnight and loves her results in the morning. Rachel also uses The Rose Hair Elixir frequently to add shine and tame frizz on her styled hair.

“I often do braid-outs, twist-outs, finger coils, or perm rod sets, and I use the rose hair elixir to scrunch out the crunch, and to reduce frizz as I style my hair. These products are STAPLES for me.”

In addition to her hair feeling great, Rachel’s hair is grower faster and stronger than it ever was before! Her favourite product is The Scalp Treatment; she loves the tingling sensation. Rachel would recommend these products to women of all hair types and loves that the brand is so transparent about it’s ingredients.

“This high-level of transparency creates trust between The Innate Life brand and consumers. This brand cares not just about producing great products, but also about educating people about the importance of ingredient-selection.”

Thank you Rachel for sharing your story. We’re glad to be a part of your natural hair journey and can’t wait to see your results in a few more months!

If anyone has any questions for Rachel, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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