Guest Blog: Barnetta’s Curly Hair Routine Using Natural Products


After Years of Trying Products With Unsatisfying Results, Barnetta Turned to Natural Products to Revive Her Curls


natural non toxic beauty products that are great for curly hairBarnetta is a designer, and up and coming YouTuber. She is passionate about connecting with others through spreading joy and positivity. Her YouTube channel has allowed her to connect with thousands of like-minded people and explore her interests in positive thinking and minimalism.

Barnetta describes her hair as thick, coarse, and curly/wavy. Like many others with curly hair, she is prone to dryness, which can leave her locks looking dull and lifeless. Before discovering natural products Barnetta was on a mission to find her perfect haircare routine. She tried everything – from the no-poo method to professional grade products – and nothing worked they way she had hoped.

Barnetta has found solace in her newfound natural routine and we got a chance to ask her a few questions about her routine.

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What made you seek out natural, non-toxic products?

 I have been moving towards being a more eco friendly and ethically conscious consumer; with that in mind, it has become extremely important for me to purchase products in hair, skin, and other beauty products that are cruelty free. I follow a wonderful youtube channel called My Green Closet, and she introduced me to your brand.

 What is your haircare routine now?

Since my hair is curly, I only wash it completely with shampoo and conditioner once every 4 days. In between those washes, I will use cornstarch as a natural dry shampoo, and will wet my hair as needed to maintain styles. When I do shampoo, I use The Innate Life curly haired shampoo and conditioner, unless I am out. My back up shampoo and conditioner is Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla sulfate free shampoo, and Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Hydrating Conditioner.

 I never brush my hair, I will only finger comb it or use a wide tooth comb on it. When I am ready to wash it, I will use a wide tooth comb to detangle it fully while dry. Ideally, I would use cold water to wash my hair— but I don’t like the cold, so I use warm. I use about a quarter size amount of shampoo, and only focus that on my scalp. I use double that amount of conditioner, and only put a small amount on my scalp; I focus the conditioner primarily on my curls and ends.

Once I am done washing my hair, I ring it out only a little bit. It’s typically still very wet when I apply my Kinky Curly Custard hair curling gel. I put a little bit of that on my scalp area, and focus mostly on my curls and ends. I use the hair plopping method to put my curls into a soft cotton t-shirt for about 20 minutes as I get ready for the day.

When my curls have set, I remove the t-shirt, and use my hairdryer on low-warm with the diffuser head on to begin drying my curls a bit. I dry my curls with my head upside down, and use the t-shirt to scrunch the curls gently. I typically do not dry my curls fully, I let them stay a little damp so they don’t get frizzy. If I notice frizz, I will spray them with a little bit of water, apply a tiny amount of my Curly Custard, and rescrunch them with the t-shirt, and let it air dry from there.

On days where I am not washing my hair, and only rewetting it, I will use the Innate Life Rose Hair Elixir and Herbal Hair Mask to rehydrate my curls.

How did you see your hair change after using natural products?

My frizz went down and my curls looked more hydrated than ever! One of the best results I saw was on the roots of my hair; since my hair is curly, it’s always been prone to breakage and that has caused a lot of frizz on the top of my head. When I use The Innate Life products, my hair is healthy and bouncy.

 Which is your favourite product and why?

My two favorite products are the Herbal Hair Mask and the The Rose Hair Elixir. These are my life savers when my curls look dry.

You can watch Barnetta’s ‘My July 2017 Minimalist Favourites | Style, Organic Beauty Products, Natural Anti-aging, & Music’ YouTube Video below to learn more about some of her favourite The Innate Life Products and other natural beauty recommendations.

Who would you recommend these products to?

I recommend them to everyone! My fiancé even enjoys them. He’s always suffered from dry scalp and hair, and using The Innate Life curly hair shampoo and conditioner has vastly improved the health of his hair as well.

One of the main reasons Barnetta continues to use The Innate Life products is because they are completely natural and cruelty-free. On top of excellent results, Barnetta has full confidence her hair is being nourished completely. She can shop for products guilt free and claims she will happily do so for many years to come!

Thanks Barnetta for sharing your story! We’re so grateful to be a part of your all-natural journey. If you’ve tried your products and would like to be a part of our guest blog, please email


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