Guest Blog: How Leon Was Able to Grow His Natural Hair Fast

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After Using Cheap Drugstore Products, Leon Decided to Start Fresh by Chopping His Hair Off and Switching to Natural

black and white portrait, model leon on how to grow natural hair fastLeon is a model who is passionate about many things in life. He loves traveling, physical fitness, juicing, voice acting, singing, and cooking! His optimism and positive attitude is contagious, and he loves making others smile. Leon is also a big believer in quality versus quantity when it comes to his personal care products and he enjoys trying new brands.

Having little knowledge on how to care for his big, curly hair, Leon settled for cheap drugstore products with no results. Eventually he gave up, hacked his hair off, and was looking for a fresh start.

On a mission to reset his hair health Leon stumbled across Holistichabits’ video while browsing haircare tutorials on YouTube. The influencer swore by The Innate Life products for growing her hair long and strong, so Leon decided to give them a try! He claims he has never looked back since. We asked Leon a couple questions about his healthy hair journey below:

What is your hair care routine now?

When I have my full set of innate life products I’m a happy camper! Let’s start out with the amazing Herbal Hair mask! Since my hair gets dryer in the winter time I use the herbal hair mask on my clean hair twice a week instead of the recommended one day a week (I’m a rebel). On my non-wash days I’ll use The Herbal Hair  Mask to moisturize my hair! I love the consistency of this mask! All the natural organic oils melt in my hand, making my hair so slippery and soft!!

Secondly, I will use The Scalp Treatment on my non-wash days as well whenever my scalp is feeling itchy.

I also apply the scalp treatment to the thinner sections near my hairline. I have noticed that my hairline is getting thicker while using The Scalp Treatment.

The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients (burdock oil, macadamia oil, tulsi leaf extract, mustard seed oil, etc.) coat my scalp to relieve my itchy discomfort. I love the smell of the rosemary and peppermint oil.

Now let’s talk about my wash days! I try to only shampoo my hair once a week since ethnic hair tends to be more dry. However, I use conditioner every other day to put some life back in my hair. The Innate Life Shampoo and Conditioner Bundle is absolutely amazing. The number one thing I love about this shampoo is that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling stripped. There is a great lather as well! There is Amla fruit extract, Bamboo, Horsetail, Jojoba oil, and that’s just to name a few! The conditioner acts as great detangler and leaves my hair feeling moisturized.

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Lastly, to my absolute favourite product from The Innate life. The holy grail of all elixirs; I’m talking about The Rose Hair Elixir! I use The Rose Hair Elixir everyday because it’s that good ( I’m literally on like my tenth bottle). I apply a few extra drops of the elixir in my palm since I have thicker hair. I run it through the mid to the ends of my hair and in seconds my frizzy dry hair is shiny, smooth, detangled, and revived. I have to mention the smell is a pleasant, non-overpowering rose scent which makes me smile every time I open the bottle! This elixir has all my favourite oils in one; such as Rosehip oil, Avocado Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Camellia Seed Oil etc. (my hair thanks me every time). I am truly blessed that I found such a credible line of organic hair care products.

How did you see your hair change after using The Innate Life products?

I instantly noticed my hair was shinier, detangled easier, thicker, and softer. A million amazing changes!!!

Most commercial beauty products have a lot of chemicals in them that don’t have to approved by the FDA, which is terrifying. The Innate Life is completely opposite. You can pronounce every ingredient, your hair is instantly rejuvenated, and your confidence shines through.

Which is your favourite product and why?

My favourite product is The Rose Hair Elixir! Simply, this elixir does numerous things for your hair. For example, it tames my frizz, my hair is growing super fast, wonderful smell, and lastly the list of 15 100% organic oils in this bottle are to die for!

 Who would you recommend these products to?

Anyone who wants beautiful, long, and thick hair. Both men and women of appropriate (responsible) ages who want to experience an all natural hair care routine! I have already told my friends and family.

 How does The Innate Life fit into a lifestyle committed to health and wellness?

The Innate Life fits into a lifestyle committed to health and wellness by their all natural products which is the key to a healthy lifestyle. The less toxins we consume and put on our bodies, the less likely diseases can form. I also love the marketing manager, Avalon Mohns who posts blogs about self love, morning routines, healthy breakfasts, inspirational quotes, and always finding ways to be a better person!

If you’ve ever wondered if The Innate Life products are suitable for men, I think Leon’s testimonial answers a big enthusiastic ‘YES!’ The Innate Life products are formulated with ingredients that benefit all hair types.

Thank you Leon for sharing your story and inspiring us everyday to positive! We wish you well on your healthy hair journey. You can find Leon on Instagram @leon_themodel25


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