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Guest Blog: How Katy Accelerated Her Hair Growth Using Natural Products

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After Cutting Her Hair Due to Damage, Katy Was Able to Grow Her Hair Back Healthy And Quicker Than Ever

For as long as she could remember, Katy has been passionate about long hair. Struggling with mental health issues growing up, having long hair gave her self-confidence.

I’ve been passionate about growing long hair since I was a child. I struggled with anxiety and depression, but my hair was always what made me feel confident and feminine.

girl with long hair holding rose hair elixir, natural hair products to repair damage and grow hair fastAfter many years of dying her hair and using styling tools Katy had to cut her hair very short to get rid of the damage. Since then, she’s been on a mission to grow her hair long, but no expensive gimmick ever worked the way it was advertised. She made the switch to natural products, which helped restore her hair health and accelerate her growth.

Katy would describe her hair as fine and ‘naturally disobedient’, which means it has multiple different textures in different spots. Before turning over to The Innate Life products Katy was already experimenting with a natural routine. She would do coconut oil masks and preform a scalp massage before washing her hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

When she heard her hair idol, Sarah Nagel of holistichabits, raving about The Innate Life products she knew she had to order some. We were able to ask Katy about her current haircare routine and how it contributed to her extreme growth below:

 What is your hair care routine now?

My new haircare routine is to use The Scalp Treatment and massage my scalp for 5-10 minutes. I leave it on as long as possible, usually overnight. I wash it out with sulfate-free shampoo. I do this twice a week (since that’s how often I wash my hair). After squeezing the excess water out I put a few drops of The Rose Hair Elixir in my hair from my ears down. Then I let it air dry. I add a few drops every day throughout the week to help hydrate my hair, and keep it looking shiny, and smelling divine.

girl with brown hair before and after, grow hair fast with natural hair products

How did you see your hair change after using The Innate Life products?

The Scalp Treatment feels so incredible and refreshing; I love it! My scalp feels invigorated and nourished. It’s helped condition my hair, making it softer and less frizzy. My scalp feels clean and light, not weighed down. And it smells so good! It’s really relaxing along with the scalp massage I do.

I believe the Scalp Treatment has helped my hair grow quicker because of all the wonderful ingredients like castor oil, rosemary, and mustard seed oil.

My hair is already back to the length it was before my trim last month! Even my husband is obsessed with this, he uses it once a week. He loves the cooling tingle it gives the scalp.

girl with long brown hair, grow hair fast with natural and organic hair products, long hair routine, the innate life

Which is your favourite product and why?

The Rose Hair Elixir is probably my favourite product ever!  Not only does it smell heavenly, it actually works! I use it every day. My ends look and feel so much healthier and shinier.  I love putting it in my braid and it keeps it from getting frizzy.

I’ve had so many strangers stop and ask me what’s in my hair because it smells so incredible!

I bring it to work and share with my best friend, even the guys at work want it because it smells so good!

Who would you recommend these products to?

I would and have recommended these to all my friends and family, and everyone else who wants healthy, beautiful hair. Especially if they are interested in natural products.

You can find Katy on Instagram @katydid008, where she continues to share her healthy hair journey. Her length is absolutely incredible!

Thank you Katy for sharing your story and we hope to see that hair continue to grow and grow! Please leave any comments or questions you have for Katy in the comment section below.


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