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What Hair Brush To Use and When

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Hair Brush Guide 101: The Best Hair Brushes for Every Hair Type

Achieving flawless hair is no easy feat. There are tons of hair hacks and products out there it’s hard to know what actually works, and what doesn’t. First thing’s first: without the basics covered, none of the tips will work the way they promise to and what’s more basic than a hair brush? Turns out there’s a whole world of hairbrushes you may not be aware of, so how do you know what to use and when? We’re here to help, just keep on reading…

The Wide Tooth Comb

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A wide tooth-comb is something everyone should have in their haircare arsenal. Reason being, it’s simply the best at combing through wet hair. Wet hair is when your locks are at their most fragile, so it’s important to be gentle on them. A wide tooth-comb can help detangle your hair after a shower and part it as you please without tons of breakage.

Our recommendation: Moroccan Oil Haircare Detangling Comb

The Detangling Brush

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This brush is a must-have for curlier hair textures or ones that are prone to tangles. It is specially designed for detangling, minimizing breakage and damage during brushing. We recommend using this one before the shower, which will prevent excess tangles as you shower. And please remember to always brush from bottom to top!

Our recommendation: Tangle Teezer The Original

Paddle Brush

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A paddle brush is great for long, straight hair or whenever you want to achieve that look using a blow dryer. Its squared-off design doesn’t wave or curl hair, while it’s spaced-out bristles are gentle when combing through. Paddle brushes are masters in smoothing and anti-static. Paired with an anti-frizz and shine serum, such as The Innate Life Rose Hair Elixirit’s a match made in heaven.

Our recommendation: Nylon Paddle Brush

Wooden Brush

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This is hands-down our favourite type of brush for a number of reasons. First being that it distributes your natural oils all the way from your scalp down the hair shaft, which helps to naturally hydrate hair. Their design usually makes them great for detangling dry hair as well. The extra cherry on top is that they often make for great scalp massagers as well! A wooden brush is an all-around winner for keeping hair healthy, detangling, and contributing to hair growth.

Our recommendation: pureGLO Wooden Bristle Detangling HairBrush 

Round Brush

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We were skeptical about throwing the round brush in our list since it requires heat to work it’s magic, but who doesn’t a good blowout every once in a while? Get more bang for your buck with a brush that has a couple different types of bristles. Boar bristles will keep hair shiny while nylon bristles easily comb through unruly hair. Just make sure you avoid a metal barrel at all costs as it will fry your hair.

Our recommendation: Brazilian Blow out Round HairBrush

There are tons of brushes on the market, but hopefully this condensed list cuts through the confusion. Determine your hair goals and work backwards from there to find your perfect brush. Want to grow hair fast? Try a wooden brush. Do you live for sleek, voluminous hair you can only get from a blowout? Then the round brush is for you! Happy brushing!

What’s your favourite type of brush? What do you use it for?


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