Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing

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5 Tips to Help You Overcome a Growth Stunt and Grow Your Hair Fast!


I’m sure you’re familiar with it: your growing your hair out and everything’s fine, until you hit the dreaded growth stunt. This is where you hair gets caught in some sort of weird limbo and refuses to budge. No need to panic, your hair hasn’t stopped growing; it just needs a little boost. Follow these tips below to overcome the plateau:

Trims are not the enemy

A lot of the times we try to hang onto our length by avoiding haircuts and yet we don’t really gain any length. This is because our hair often tends to split off at a certain point and become rather unhealthy. Regular trims will keep your hair healthy and prevent breakage that might be making your hair look a lot shorter than it actually is!

Why Your Hair Isn't Growing
Trims can actually help you get over a hair growth stunt! Image by www.allure.com

Just give your hair a break!

More often than not, giving your hair a solid break from chemicals dyes, treatments and aggressive styling can get your hair growth back on the right track. It’s no surprise that heat-styling and harsh dyes will lead to breakage and damage, but regular styling can do a number on your hair as well. Try and refrain from tight braids or styles that can cause stress to the hair shaft, and just let your hair be. Ditching chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners will also help. We recommend switching to an all-natural brand, which will get job done without harsh chemicals, such as The Innate Life Shampoo + Conditioner Bundle.

Check in with your scalp

We’re huge advocates on maintaining a healthy scalp. Keeping your scalp in check will promote healthy hair growth and help push past a growth stunt. Determine whether or not you have any scalp issues such as: seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff), psoriasis or fungal infections, which can all lead to hair loss. Keeping your scalp happy and healthy requires maintaining its PH balance while gently cleansing. A great way to treat your scalp and promote growth is by applying a scalp treatment weekly, paired with a scalp massage. The Innate Life Scalp Treatment will help prevent any scalp issues while promoting growth and respecting the scalps delicate PH level.

girl giving herself a scalp massage
Scalp massages are crucial in growing healthy hair. Image by www.huffingtonpost.ca

Sometimes genetics are to blame!

It’s not a pleasant reality to face, but sometimes we’ve just been dealt a bad hand when it comes to hair. We all have a unique growth cycle and there is a phase where the hair becomes dormant, and this is different for everyone. This phases usually lasts a few weeks, but for some, this resting phase can last much longer. While there is nothing you can do to change your genetic makeup, there are tons of small efforts to can implement into your routine to speed things along – as we’ve mentioned in this blog.

See your doctor

This last tip is a bit of a last resort tip, but it’s still very important to mention incase nothing else works. The fact of the matter is: nothing you do externally will have an impact if the issue is internal. And the only way to find out if there might be an internal issue is to visit your doctor. Hormonal imbalances such as thyroid disease or PCOS are causes for hair loss. Even a vitamin deficiency could be to blame! If you feel like none of the tips above have helped then it’s time to take a trip to the doctor’s office.

girl at check up with doctor
If your hair is struggling to grow there’s a chance it may be due to a health issue or vitamin deficiency. Image by www.cheatsheet.com

It can be tricky nailing down what’s preventing your hair from growing; we recommend starting with a few tips and see what makes a difference. If nothing seems to work, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional to get more answers.

What have you tried to get past a growth stunt? Did it work for you? Comment below and let us know!


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