How Ressa Came Back From Bleach Damage

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Chemical dyes and Heat Tools Left Ressa’s Hair a Mess, But She Bounced Back When She Discovered Natural Products


Ressa is an aspiring lifestyle influencer behind the feed @rosewatermuse and Ressa Rose on YouTube. Living in Washington D.C., she enjoys finding the trendiest coffee shops, learning choreography in a dance studio, and shooting content for her platforms. Her dream is to be a full-time influencer with the freedom to travel.

Ressa describes her hair as having ‘many personalities’. It can go from a little crazy and unmanageable to straight with a slight waviness. Before discovering natural products, she only had good hair days after getting a trim at the salon. Ressa is no stranger to colouring and bleaching her hair, as well as styling with heat.


After satisfying her curiosity to go blonde, she said to pay the price with severely fried hair. She even struggled to brush through it. Ressa decided that enough was enough and determined she would take care of her hair as naturally as possible moving forward. She discovered The Innate Life products through watching Anna from LongHairProblemsxo on YouTube. She saw how Anna reversed her damage using The Innate Life products and she was sold!

What is your haircare routine now? 

As of now, I still have bleach in my hair (although it’s been months) so my hair is still very damaged, even after chopping my hair off and going back to my natural dark brunette. I do a mask every 3 days (that’s when my hair starts to get too oily), which is when I wash my hair. I use the hair mask and the scalp mask by TIL, but I’ve added in a rice water mask to promote hair growth (I want that healthy mermaid hair!!). After an hour or so, I then wash my hair with The Innate Life Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner and air-dry without a towel so there isn’t too much breakage. Once dry, I brush my hair gently with a bamboo brush and finish off with The Innate Life Rose Elixir, which makes my hair shiny, and smelling amazing!

How did you see your hair change after using The Innate Life products?

After using TIL’s products, my hair was instantly softer and I could easily comb through it with my fingers without pulling a clump of hair out or have my fingers get stuck in tons of knots. Something else I noticed is that my ends aren’t going in all different directions like it did when I just couldn’t tame it. My hair was naturally thick before I ever put any chemicals or heat on it, and after I did start doing that, my hair became thin and dull. Although it isn’t as thick as it was before, it is certainly fuller than it has been in a very long time as well as naturally shiny from the nutrient dense ingredients in TIL’s products!


Which is your favourite product and why?

That’s a tricky question, because I believe the combination of all of them are my favourite! If I could only choose one though, it would have to be the Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner. I think this product speaks for itself in the way that my hair is shiny, clean and conditioned before I even brush it or put in the Rose Elixir!

Who would you recommend these products to?

Gosh.. Um.. Everyone hahaha. If people were aware of the benefits for taking care of their hair, and that The Innate Life is a haircare line built on quality and honesty in their product, I’m not quite sure who would rather go for something that has 100 ingredients in it that you can’t pronounce and just cause more damage.

How does The Innate Life fit into a lifestyle committed to health & wellness?

I think it’s crucial to use nature as our medicine to everything first before getting clinical. Yes, I believe this includes what we put on our heads. These are all proactive measures for the long-term and acting with awareness to take care of ourselves has a ripple effect. It teaches others how we are to be treated. We always turn away from toxic relationships or toxic environments but we don’t regard the highest toxicities in our everyday products! Eliminating as much toxicity from our lives and our bodies is the path to overall quality of life!

We’d like to thank Ressa from @rosewatermuse for sharing her natural hair journey and we’re so glad to hear your hair is returning to its healthy state. Give Ressa a follow for some serious style inspiration.


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