Guest Blog: How Karla Tamed Her Frizzy Hair and Made It Manageable with The Innate Life

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Apart from playing beach volleyball, skateboarding, and reading the raddest books, Karla loves beauty and definitely loves hair. With 3 and ½ feet of gorgeous dark locks, who wouldn’t? She lives in California and goes by @karlawithakay_ on Instagram and YouTube. One thing she says she really enjoys is the process of creating and editing content for her growing followers.

Karla considers her hair to be Type 1 and really thick. Though she has naturally straight hair, it tends to get frizzy in the mornings which is her biggest trouble. Before she started using The Innate Life, she turned to different products thinking that the more she used, the better her hair would be. This wasn’t the case. She started getting hair troubles from overusing products that had horrible ingredients inside.


As a budding influencer in the Hair Care & Beauty space, Karla had stumbled across one of her favorite beauty bloggers, Camelia Katoozian, who used the products in her YouTube videos. After realizing that The Innate Life was dedicated to being organic, cruelty-free, and included the right combination of hair healing oils, she was intrigued!

What is your hair care routine now?

First, I mix the Hair Mask with two drops of the Rose Hair Elixir and apply it to my hair strands. Then I use the Scalp Treatment and apply it to my scalp around 40 minutes before I shower. That way, my scalp drinks up all the benefits. After I wash my hair, I add two drops of the Rose Hair Elixir on my damp hair and air dry for shine retention. For everyday morning use, my go-to is the Elixir, for sure. It totally gets rid of my morning frizz. I even use drops of the oil in my DIY Hair Masks.

How did you see your hair change after using The Innate Life products?

It was such a drastic change. I think the most important change was that my morning frizz was gone. I’ve gotten so many compliments since I started using the line. My scalp has even cleared up! I tend to get flakes and the treatment really minimized that problem for me.


Which is your favorite product and why?

Definitely the Rose Hair Elixir. That’s made the biggest difference on my hair. It has so many essential oils that I don’t have to buy them all separately when my hair lacks something.

Who would you recommend these products to?

Honestly, to everyone. Even males! In particular though, I would recommend this to those with curly hair. I shared the products with my mother who has a curly and coarse texture. She says that her hair has never been so easy to manage before. I think people who have a lot of hair would benefit from this line. It’s hard to find products where a little goes a long way, but The Innate Life has nailed it!

How does The Innate Life fit into a lifestyle committed to health & wellness?

This product line made me realize how important organic really is. I think we get carried away with toxic products when natural really does shine! Thanks to The Innate Life, I’m now seeking more vegan products all around my life!

Thank you Karla from @karlawithakay_ for sharing her journey on how she combated her frizzy hair. We’re happy to hear that our Rose Hair Elixir is solving your issues. Give her a follow for some inspiration on how to get that healthy mermaid hair.

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