5 Tips That Will Save Your Curly Hair

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Having curly hair is a blessing! But when you don’t take proper care of it, having curls can start to feel like a curse. We’ve found 5 key tips – which have been tested – that we believe your curly hair-care regimen should include. Keep reading and find out how to save your hair!

Tip #1: Get a Detangling Brush


There are different brushes for different purposes (we spoke about it here!). Curly hair needs a “detangling brush”. Unlike other brushes, this one has flexible bristles that gently bend through tangled curls without breaking, snagging, or ripping out hair strands. 

We recommend using your fingers first or a wide tooth comb to separate larger tangles before using your brush.

Our recommendation: The Tangle Teezer

Tip #2: Bye-bye sulfates and silicones

Most conventional shampoos and conditioners use sulfates and silicones that damage your hair. On wash days, opt for a natural shampoo and conditioner that will provide your hair with the nutrients it needs while keeping it soft and shiny. 


Side Note: Many people swear by leaving a bit of conditioner in their curls to protect the hair’s cuticle. If this is something you do, make sure to pick an all-natural conditioner.

Here’s one to try! – The Innate Life’s Herbal Conditioner for Thick to Curly HairNow you don’t have to worry about leaving synthetic chemicals in your hair. There’s even a Herbal Shampoo that pairs perfectly with it!

Tip #3: Moisture is your best friend


If it seems like your curls are always dry and doesn’t hold a shape, try the “LOC” method. Use a Liquid or Leave-In product to add in extra moisture to your strands. Then use an Oil to lock in that moisture. Finally, use a Cream to seal all the moisture in and hold your curls. This maximizes moisture retention and does wonders for your curl pattern! 

Looking for a super oil with lots of benefits? Our Rose Hair Elixir is perfect for keeping curly hair healthy, moisturized, and smelling divine.

Tip #4: Lay off the heat


Sometimes we want to change up our look with straight hair, but heat can take a toll on your curl pattern. Dryness, split ends, limp curls, and breakage can be a result of heat styling tools. It’s super important to use a good heat protector if styling… and lower that heat! Try not to go over 400 degrees.

Tip #5: The pineapple method


Save your curls from flattening, looking dry, and being de-volumized by turning your head into a pineapple! Before you sleep, flip your hair over and gently put it into a very high ponytail. Secure the edges of your hair with a hair wrap or soft silk scarf and you’re done! 

There you have it! Five simple tips that can help you save your curly hair.

Have any tips for those with curly hair? Comment down below! Let’s chat about curls.

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