What Really Happens To Your Hair When The Weather Gets Cold?

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Are you still doing the same hair care regime that you’ve been doing in the summer?

It’s time for a change! Autumn is here and before you know it, we’ll be expecting our first snow fall. These colder months bring dry air, frigid weather, and high winds – the culprits that cause brittleness, frizz, and totally unmanageable hair. Our hair strands are very delicate and it’s important that we take care of them when winter comes around. 

Here is what you can expect to happen to your hair during the colder months. We’ve thrown in some tips to help you too!

You may experience hair loss.

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It’s very common to experience seasonal hair loss when seasons change. Many people theorize that it could be due to our bodies making accommodation for the weather. So, don’t freak out if you start to shed. What you can do is make sure your scalp stays healthy by using oils or treatments and massaging it into your scalp every week. Keep your scalp stimulated and protected!

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Your hair will become drier than normal.


Since the air dries out during colder months, exposed hair will dry out with it. It’s super important to get as much moisture locked into your locks. Starting this month, use products that have extra moisturizing ingredients! Look for products with beneficial oils and hydrating butters that will seal moisture in.

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Your regular  hair products won’t work.


A lot of hair care products use synthetic and alcohol based ingredients that already strip your hair of its natural moisture. Pair that with the winter weather and you’ll be in for a disaster. Instead, use something all-natural (hmm… like The Innate Life!) and put your hair on a health cleanse! Those strands will always stay nourished during the cold and dry months.

Your hair cuticle may split.


You probably have a bit of hair damage this summer due to the UV rays, chlorine, salt sprays, and heat tools. As the temperature gets colder, your already split ends will split even further due to the dryness of the air. Cut off all the summer damage before it’s too late and start fresh. Use the fall and winter months to nurture your hair back to health.

Your hair my snap off. 


It may sound dramatic but it can happen! Sometimes we’re in a rush or we just prefer styling our hair wet before we leave home. When you step out with wet hair, the water molecules will freeze, leaving your hair less pliable. And just like an icicle, it can snap right off! Try washing your hair from the night before instead. Use products that will keep your hair moisturized and intact overnight for easier styling in the morning. 

Have any tips for keeping your hair healthy this season? Leave a comment and let us know!

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