Guest Blog: How Rachel Turned Her Damaged Blonde Hair Back to Healthy Hair

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On her journey to a more holistic lifestyle, Rachel found the The Innate Life and it changed the health of her blonde hair dramatically.

Rachel was used to using popular drugstore brands filled with cheap ingredients. It wasn’t until she started using all-natural products that she noticed how beautifully her hair was growing!

With the lack of responsibility that companies take on allowing toxic ingredients into beauty products, Rachel became more conscious of what she used on her hair and skin.  She’s been pushing herself to learn about natural and homeopathic remedies to live a more holistic lifestyle.


Yeah, you might be getting results [with conventional products], but you may also be messing with your hormones, spreading toxic ingredients around your body, and increasing your chance of disease and cancer.

She describes her hair as straight and fine, but very frizzy, dry, and damaged. Sometimes it knots and tangles ‘like a bird’s nest’.  It was through a YouTube vlogger, HolisticHabits, that introduced her to The Innate Life and she decided to give it a try.


What is your hair care routine now?

I used to wash my hair everyday and had no sense of a hair care routine. Now, I wash every 5 days or longer.

I use the Normal Scalp Treatment and take the time to work the product into my roots. This also helps exfoliate any dead skin cells. I really use this time to focus on self care and relaxation too.

Then, I’ll use the Herbal Hair Mask all over my hair, really focusing on the ends. I put my hair in a protective style, sleep with it over night, and wash in the morning.

Once my hair has air-dried, I use the Rose Hair Elixir to tame my frizzy hair. I use the oil throughout the week to continuously add shine and moisture as needed!

How did you see your hair change after using The Innate Life products?

I’ve been using them for a few months and I’ve noticed a HUGE transformation already. My pictures say it all! My hair was extremely dry and damaged from using bad products and having it color treated.

In 2 months time, my hair has grown the fastest it ever has and the texture is incredible even with the color in!


What is your favorite product and why?

Hands down the Normal Scalp Treatment! I LOVE the way I feel after I take the time to massage it in. I truly truly believe my hair growth has sped up tremendously because of it.

Who would you recommend these products to?

These products work miracles! I would recommend them to anyone looking to transform their hair while using all-natural, high quality, and non-toxic ingredients! I would especially recommend these products to anyone looking to speed up their hair growth or tame their frizz.

How does The Innate Life fit into a lifestyle committed to health & wellness?

The things we put on our skin don’t just stay there, some get absorbed into our bloodstream! What you put ON your body matters just as much as what you put IN your body. The Innate Life is not only committed but are passionate about bringing you products that are SAFE and that WORK. They want to spread the word about toxic beauty and help you make the switch towards a healthier lifestyle.

We’d like to thank Rachel for sharing her hair journey. We’re so happy to know how well our products are working for you. Leave a comment down below! Let us know what you think.

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