Author: Chelsi Germain

Guest Blog: How Rachel Turned Her Damaged Blonde Hair Back to Healthy Hair

On her journey to a more holistic lifestyle, Rachel found the The Innate Life and it changed the health of her blonde hair dramatically. Rachel was used to using popular drugstore brands filled with cheap ingredients. It wasn’t until she started using all-natural products that she noticed how beautifully her hair was growing! With the lack

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What Really Happens To Your Hair When The Weather Gets Cold?

Are you still doing the same hair care regime that you’ve been doing in the summer? It’s time for a change! Autumn is here and before you know it, we’ll be expecting our first snow fall. These colder months bring dry air, frigid weather, and high winds – the culprits that cause brittleness, frizz, and

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Guest Blog: How Karla Tamed Her Frizzy Hair and Made It Manageable with The Innate Life

Apart from playing beach volleyball, skateboarding, and reading the raddest books, Karla loves beauty and definitely loves hair. With 3 and ½ feet of gorgeous dark locks, who wouldn’t? She lives in California and goes by @karlawithakay_ on Instagram and YouTube. One thing she says she really enjoys is the process of creating and editing

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