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Healthy Hair Journey: Part 6

My Hair Growth Progress And My Favourite Easy Hairstyles Before I began my healthy hair journey I didn’t think much of haircare. I used what was on sale, what promised shine, and what never gave me the results I desired. Easing up on the heat and giving my hair the nutrients it needed finally allowed

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My Healthy Hair Journey: Part 4

The Benefits Of Switching To An All-Natural, Herbal Shampoo And Conditioner To those returning, welcome back! For any new comers: thanks for joining me on my healthy hair journey and I hope you stick around. This series documents my journey since giving up toxic, chemical-based haircare products for a more natural and surprisingly, less demanding,

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My Healthy Hair Journey: Part 3

How-to Completely Change Your Haircare Routine With Less My healthy hair journey (read the first post here) has been like any health-conscious life change; I’ve given up things I thought I could never live without and I’ve ditched some bad habits in exchange for more healthy and natural routines. Yes, we’re still talking about my hair

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