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How Ressa Came Back From Bleach Damage

Chemical dyes and Heat Tools Left Ressa’s Hair a Mess, But She Bounced Back When She Discovered Natural Products   Ressa is an aspiring lifestyle influencer behind the feed @rosewatermuse and Ressa Rose on YouTube. Living in Washington D.C., she enjoys finding the trendiest coffee shops, learning choreography in a dance studio, and shooting content

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Guest Blog: How Katy Accelerated Her Hair Growth Using Natural Products

girl with long brown hair, grow hair fast with natural and organic hair products, long hair routine

After Cutting Her Hair Due to Damage, Katy Was Able to Grow Her Hair Back Healthy And Quicker Than Ever For as long as she could remember, Katy has been passionate about long hair. Struggling with mental health issues growing up, having long hair gave her self-confidence. I’ve been passionate about growing long hair since

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Guest Blog: Barnetta’s Curly Hair Routine Using Natural Products

After Years of Trying Products With Unsatisfying Results, Barnetta Turned to Natural Products to Revive Her Curls   Barnetta is a designer, and up and coming YouTuber. She is passionate about connecting with others through spreading joy and positivity. Her YouTube channel has allowed her to connect with thousands of like-minded people and explore her

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Guest Blog: How Rachel Transitioned to Natural Hair

After Years of Relaxers, Rachel Decided to Ditch Toxic Products for Good and Began Her Natural Hair Journey Rachel is an exercise enthusiast who’s also very passionate about diversity and inclusion, especially in legal education. She has fine type 3c hair that has endured over 15 years of chemical relaxing. Rachel wanted to do better

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Guest Blog: How Jessica Achieved Softer, More Manageable Hair With Natural Products

Jessica Struggled to Find a Product She Loved (or That Really Worked) Until She Made The Switch to Natural Jessica is an artist who works in an office by day and paints by night. She is also a mom who is very passionate about healthy living and fitness. Jessica never thought twice about her hair

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Guest Blog: How Marielle’s Switch To Non-Toxic Products Improved Her Health

After Dealing With Chronic Illness For Years, Marielle Made The Switch To Natural Products To Improve Her Health.

Guest Blog: How Elizabeth Revived Her Thinning Hair With Natural Products

After Losing Hair, Elizabeth Made The Switch To Natural And Was Able To Experience New Growth And An Increase In Thickness Elizabeth works in education and loves to learn. Naturally curious about science and the way things work, she was consistent with reading cosmetic and product labels. When Elizabeth began to experience hair thinning and

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Guest Blog: How Ania Grew Her Hair Thicker And Longer Using Natural Products

Ania’s Hair Had Suffered From Colour And Heat Damage Until She Incorporated Natural Products Into Her Routine Ania is a professional woman living in the heart of Toronto. Before moving to Toronto she lived in Australia. She is passionate about health and nutrition, constantly learning more about these subjects to improve her health. Ania never specifically cared

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Guest Blog: How Camelia Grew Her Hair Fast Using Natural Products

After her Hair Health Started to Deteriorate This YouTube Influencer Made the Switch to All-Natural and Began a YouTube Channel to Help Others Camelia is a 19-year-old hair and lifestyle blogger on Herindependence. She is also has a YouTube channel dedicated to hair growth and natural hair care. Camelia began her natural hair journey after

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Guest Blog: How Natural Products Transformed Brittany’s Hair

After experiencing health complications Brittany turned to The Innate Life to save her hair Brittany is an artist and the author of the blog. In her blog she discusses topics such as holistic health, yoga, and natural beauty. A more personal blog post explores Brittany’s transition into using natural and non-toxic products, and how this

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